Blackhead removal with Gelatin and Milk

Blackhead, isn’t this one irritating word? Well I wish there were ways to completely remove blackheads. As we don’t have options to get rid of them forever, we come up with various methods to remove them temporarily. Blackheads are nothing but sebum deposits getting in touch with dirt and pollution. They are more like pimples without skin. Usually, I get blackheads on my nose and chin areas and if left untended they sometimes result in small pimples as well. Its essential to remove them and keep the area clean. I have tried the blackhead extracting tool but it is painful. Easiest way is to use nose strips which are way far expensive. After a lot of research through various skin care sources I’ve come to the conclusion that we need not spend so much money on nose strips when we have home remedies for blackhead. My favorite one is gelatin mask about which I am going to write today.

All we need are unflavored gelatin 1 tbsp and milk 1 tbsp. The image shown below is the brand I usually purchase which is easily available in supermarkets. We do need to ensure that we don’t pick a flavored jello.


Now, in a cup which is microwave safe we need to mix gelatin and milk. The mix won’t dissolve and look smooth.

Next step is to put the cup in microwave and time it for 15 secs or maybe 20 so that the mix turns into a smooth gel. We need to cool it for few seconds probably not more than 10-15 seconds because if it cools down it won’t stick like mask and would be messy.

Now we need a foundation brush to apply the content. Before applying we need to check that its not too hot by applying on our arm or back of our hand.

After evenly applying it on blackhead effected areas (usually nose and chin) we need to wait for about 10 mins till the mask dries.

We can peel it off like a nose strip once dried and can see all the dirt and sebum deposits on it.

To close the unclogged we need to apply some pore minimizing cream or serum.

Wala! There you have it. A clean nose without the terrifying blackheads.
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